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Summer is a busy time of year for most families. For us, the summer holds a lifetime of memories. Our triplets were born in June of 2013, and the summer months are filled with bittersweet memories of our children in the NICU, and the short lives of two of our triplets who passed away during the summer.

Over the past two years, Triple Heart Foundation has raised more than $15,000 during the summer months and we are so excited to launch our big summer campaign…filled with memories! Throughout the next two months, we’ll be sharing memories of our triplets and the fond moments in the NICU, as well as honoring Parker and Abby, our children who are looking down on us from Heaven. We’ll be sharing the amazing memories that our surviving triplet, Peyton, continues to create as she shows the world that miracles do exist. And we’ll be sharing YOUR memories—special moments in the NICU and beyond as we introduce your miracles to the world.

We have a crazy goal as we hope to raise $5,000 this summer! That’s enough to purchase 1,000 books or 300 care packages for NICU families. So how can you help? It's easy--Simply spread the word! Throughout the summer we’ll be sharing memories and special messages of hope from our family and those who have been touched by Triple Heart Foundation. “Summer of Memories” is more than just a fundraiser; it's a chance to see the random kindness that helps make our world a better place. And we would love to share your memory! Simply contact us here.

Over the past six years since our triplets arrived, strangers around the world have embraced our family and we are so happy to help others through our non-profit charity. It's amazing how far $5 dollars can go. We hope you'll help us make a difference for families enduring a NICU stay! To make a donation or to find suggested books, click the link. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!