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It’s a childhood memory for many of us—having a lemonade stand. The ice cold beverage is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. And we’re making it easy for your child hold their very own stand, all for a great cause! “Lemonade For Littles” is your chance to help raise money for Triple Heart Foundation, a non-profit charity that delivers new children’s books and care packages to NICU families across the country.

You don’t need much—lemonade, cups, a table, and a place to collect donations. Download our free printable sign and you have yourself a lemonade stand! As customers arrive, download and print our handy tip sheet to help your child share more about Triple Heart Foundation and where each penny goes. Having trouble printing? Make sure to download the pdf after clicking the link. You will find the download button in top right corner. Need help? Send us a message with your address and we'll be happy to send you signs and our Lemonade For Littles tip sheet!

Don't forget to take pictures and send them our way--we would love to show off your child's lemonade stand! 

You can send your lemonade stand donations to Triple Heart Foundation, PO Box 9261, Springfield, IL 62791 or online through www.tripleheartfoundation.com/donate

Click here to download and print a sign: Lemonade for Littles Sign

Click here to download and print our tip sheet: Tip Sheet