UPDATE—Thanks to your generous donations, we reached our $5,000 goal this summer!

The summer months are bittersweet for our family. The days are filled with celebrations and beautiful memories of our triplets, but also grief as we remember two of our children who passed away during these months. Each summer, we honor all three of our children as we raise money and collect books for Triple Heart Foundation. This year, we are spreading hope across the country.

The five-year mark is a major milestone and we are so proud to see our surviving triplet, Peyton, defy all odds. She’s a healthy, happy 5-year-old who is so full of life. She gives hope to people around the world, showing others that you can achieve the impossible. That’s why this summer our theme is, “High Five For Hope”.  Those adorable little handprints hold special meaning—they are our daughter Abigail’s tiny little handprint. The special handprints were made before she passed away.

We have a crazy goal as we hope to raise $5,000 this summer! So how can you help? It's easy--Simply spread the word! Through out the summer we’ll be sharing special messages of hope from our family and those who Triple Heart Foundation has helped.  Make sure to follow along on our Facebook page.

“High Five For Hope”is more than just a fundraiser; it's a chance to see the random kindness that helps make our world a better place. Over the past five years, strangers around the world have embraced our family. They've lifted us up in prayer, and sent us well wishes and condolences. Strangers have made our children blankets and hats, created beautiful jewelry to honor our triplets and have shown compassion and warmth, reminding us of how much good is in this world. Triple Heart Foundation is our way to pay it forward, to help NICU families who are in the thick of a difficult journey. 

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