Our Story

Ryan and Stacey created Triple Heart Foundation in honor of their premature triplets. Peyton, Parker and Abby were born in 2013, at 22 weeks 6 days gestation. Abby passed away shortly after birth; Parker passed away in the Nicu at nearly two months old. Peyton is their lone survivor, a healthy and happy 3-year-old girl. 

When Peyton and Parker were first whisked away to the Nicu, Ryan and Stacey felt helpless. Their one-pound babies were too fragile to hold. After a few days of staring through the isolette windows, a nurse made the suggestion of reading books to their babies. Stacey and Ryan began bringing books to the hospital, creating a bedside library by the time their survivor, Peyton, came home at 4 months old. The books provided comfort and a created a special bond during a trying time.

After settling at home with their surviving triplet, Ryan and Stacey wanted to do something to honor and remember their two angels. Thanks to friends and family, the couple collected hundreds of books to donate to their local Nicu in memory of their two angels. Each book was picked out with love and given to a new family, experiencing the roller coaster of the Nicu.

In 2016, Triplet Heart Foundation was born and received 501(c)(3) status. While currently serving the Springfield, Illinois area, Ryan and Stacey hope their foundation continues to grow, with plans to reach other hospitals in Illinois. Triple Heart Foundation takes requests from families across the country. Simply click on Contact Us for information on how to request a book for a Nicu baby.

“There is no footprint too small that cannot leave an imprint in this world.”