**Update: We SURPASSED our goal!!! More than $7000 was raised between monetary and book donations, well above our crazy goal of $5500!!!**

Four years ago, we never imagined the direction our children would take us in. It was always our dream to have children of our own and we were ecstatic to be expecting triplets. But on June 23, 2013, our lives came crashing down. Within two months, we lost two of our children. Our lives were forever changed.

Our surviving triplet, Peyton, is now a happy and healthy 4-year-old. She loves to dance, put on shows and she adores helping our family with Triple Heart Foundation. As we approach our one year anniversary of being a non-profit charity, we wanted to go BIG! "55 Days of Summer" is our push to help NICU families in a huge way. Our son, Parker, lived for 55 days and this is our way to honor him and his sister, Abigail, all the while celebrate our miracle child, Peyton. 

So what is our goal? $5500. It extremely ambitious,  and may be a crazy idea, but we're up for the challenge! Life handed us an entire tree of lemons four years ago and we still managed to make lemonade. 

So how can you help us achieve the impossible? It's easy--Simple spread the word! Would your business be interested in setting up book drive or "jeans day" at work? We'd love to stop by and share our mission with your employees. Is your girl scout troop interested in a bake sale? We'll be first in line to buy baked goods! 

"55 Days of Summer" is more than just a fundraiser, it's a chance to see the random kindness that helps make our world a better place. Over the past four years, strangers around the world have embraced our family. They've lifted us up in prayer, and sent us well wishes and condolences. Strangers have made our children blankets and hats, created beautiful jewelry to honor our triplets and have shown compassion and warmth, reminding us of how much good is in this world. Triple Heart Foundation is our way to pay it forward, to help NICU families who are in the thick of a difficult journey. 

Throughout the summer, we'll be sharing stories of hope and miracles, as we highlight fellow NICU families who have been touched by Triple Heart Foundation. Thank you for your support! For a list of book suggestions or to donate, click here